Hey Girl!

I'm so excited you're at my website and interested in my lashes! I want everyone who sees or receives my lashes to know that I truly love what I do! I find so much joy in giving my clients something that makes them happy, makes their day easier, and lets them add more to their already beautiful self. 

Lashing really fell into my lap in 2012, and I was immediately in love with the service! I did my research, and chose Butterfly Lashes to educate me. There I learned my technique and all the basics. Over the last few years I’ve learned so much.. what works, what doesn’t, tried multiple brands, and worked with other lash stylists to continue to learn as I go. This past March I trained with Elena of Lash Makers in Miami, FL to learn the advanced technique of Russian Volume lashing. The education I received from Elena exceeded my expectations and changed my lashing!!


Thank you for your time and interest, truly. I look forward to knowing and serving you!